Jotem customers often ask us what is the best type of laptop in Jordan? The truth is that the answer to the question was not so easy. The needs and uses of the laptop differ from one person to another, and the most important thing is that the laptop’s purchase budget plays an important role in answering the question of what is the best type of laptop in Jordan. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to ask the question in the following way: What is the best laptop to buy with a budget or at a price of 300 dinars in Jordan? . Or what is the best gaming laptop in Jordan? If you want to buy a new laptop in Jordan, we recommend that you read this topic, which highlights the best laptop brands in Jordan.

 What is the best laptop company in Jordan? A question that may be asked by Jordanians when going to buy a new laptop in Jordan. If you want to buy a new laptop from Jordan, we recommend that you read this topic, which highlights the best laptop brands in Jordan.


1- Apple 

How can we start a list of the best laptop brands in the world when Apple is not at the forefront? Certainly it is one of the best brands for laptops as well as smartphones and has revolutionized many industries with its products.

Apple laptops are known for their excellent quality and elegant design that is simple, in addition to the work of these devices with macOS, which is easy to use in addition to the features and programs that you will get and useful for people interested in the field of video editing and software development, but the return will be very expensive. Generally speaking, if you are thinking of buying a reputable laptop with excellent quality, design and performance but the budget does not matter to you, then choosing one of the modern Apple laptops would be a good decision.

2- Lenovo Corporation

Lenovo is the largest manufacturer of computers in China. The original name of the company is “Legend Holdings” but its name was changed to Lenovo in 2004; In 2005, it acquired the personal computer division of IBM, the company that had the distinction of discovering the computer industry in 1981. The company produces all types of computers, whether workstation, all-in-one PCs, or laptops.

Lenovo laptops tend to be distinctive, elegant, and funky in addition to their distinctive colors. It is also known for its excellent, reliable quality and will last for a long period of time (Aceh strap !!) and most Lenovo laptops are characterized by the consistent capabilities that perform the best performance according to each category (such as devices for surfing the Internet, for games, for simple work ... etc.) and you will not need to provide Big budget, as most Lenovo laptops are affordable and affordable.

3- HP laptop

Hewlett-Packard or HP is one of the most well-known and valuable brands. And it has gained its fame around the world through its many products, which are superior to many competitors. In addition, HP is the fifth largest software company in the world.

And when it comes to laptops, it provides a balanced mix between functionality in performance and elegance in design, so it is never forgotten that it is the first company to produce the thinnest laptop in the world, the HP Specter 13, which is compared to the size of a coin. Generally, HP laptops are aimed at home users, office users, and students. For normal uses, HP computers are the best.

4- Dell laptop

If you love the Windows operating system and want a laptop with perfect performance, high-tech specifications, and a modern and distinctive design, Dell notebooks are adept at providing this. It is also a well-known brand and has a strong position among others.

Dell laptops are good for all types of users, whether they need a simple, practical and fast device, or a device that will last for years and years, or a device that does not lose its value even after buying it for a long time. If you are looking for the best laptop brand that is worth the money you spend, go to Dell Computers.

5- Asus laptop

Asus is also famous for its high-quality components, and is the best brand for laptops when it comes to cost or budget. Asus laptops range in price from a minimum of $ 300 - a maximum of $ 2,400 for being cheap; This does not mean that you will get a computer with weak capabilities, but there are very high-end and advanced models that even outperform other laptops at higher prices. Asus laptops are distinguished by their distinctive design in addition to having the latest technology. Therefore, it is ranked fifth in the list of the best laptop brands in the world.

6- Acer Company

Acer has been ranked as a leading brand of notebook computers and is highly recognized by users around the world, especially the United States of America. The great thing about Acer computers is that they have close models so that it is not difficult to choose between their different models, as well as are characterized by strong hardware that can work for years regardless of how you use the device, and about the price, you will not find in the market low-priced devices such as those offered by Acer, but they lack quality Strong, as most Acer portable devices are made of plastic.

7- MSI Corporation

MSI is known to be a specialized manufacturer of high-quality graphics cards and motherboards. But the company also has its footprint in the laptop computer industry. Although it is very far from people looking for an inexpensive or very budgetary computer; However, their products feature premium, well-proportioned ingredients and modern technologies. Therefore, it makes sense to find most of their mobile devices available at prices ranging between $ 1000

- $ 1500, so buying a laptop from MSI would be an investment if you'd like to use it for heavy work.

8- Razer Company

Razer laptop in Jordan is limited, despite the strength of the American company specialized in manufacturing gaming accessories with high quality and unique designs. The brand of the company is also famous in the field of laptops, but it is intended for gaming lovers because it will comprehensively cover all the needs of the gamer to play modern games with strong performance and anywhere. If you want something out of the box, it's important to take a look at Razer hardware but make sure it's on the budget.

9- Microsoft Corporation

If you don't know; Microsoft is considered a new competitor in the laptop market, but is ranked as one of the best brands in the field. It has gained a lot of users' attention with its powerful devices such as Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2. Microsoft computers are distinguished by their elegant design and unique colors in addition to the work of touch screens and undoubtedly, full support for Windows with the latest version of Windows 10. And it can rely on Microsoft's portable devices for various works. If you want premium design with a robust system, you should invest in Microsoft's laptops.

10- Samsung